Peculiar particles show paradoxical behavior
Theoretical physicists research as special class of particles; Weyl fermions. They have found them to exhibit paradoxical behavior, in contradiction to a thirty-year old fundamental theory in electromagnetism. A possible application is a new kind of electronics—spintronics. Publication in Physical More info

Publ. 23-05-2017 09:40
NWO Projectruimte Grant for DNA Flexibility Research
Theoretical physicist Helmut Schiessel receives an NWO Projectruimte grant of 390,000 euro. He will use this budget to hire a postdoc and a PhD student to continue his research on flexibility of double stranded DNA.

During his prior research, Schiessel already More info

Publ. 17-05-2017 15:28
LION Barbecue on June 22
This year's LION Barbecue will be held on Thursday June 22 from 5pm to 9pm. The party committee urges everyone that has not yet registered to do so before the deadline of June 12th through this link! More info

Publ. 17-05-2017 09:00
Major Expansion Leiden Quantum Computing
The NWO Zwaartekracht grant of 18.8 million euro for quantum software which Amsterdam, Delft and Leiden landed collectively, means for Leiden University among others the appointment of two new permanent scientific staff members, who will each form their own research More info

Publ. 08-05-2017 14:48
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Hadi Arjmandi-Tash, Nikita Lebedev, Pauline M.G. van Deursen, Jan Aarts, Grégory F. Schneider, (2017) Hybrid cold and hot-wall reaction chamber for the rapid synthesis of uniform graphene, Carbon, 118, 438-442.

S. Blok, R.R. Agundez Mojarro, L.A. Maduro, M. Blaauboer, S.J. van der Molen (2017) Inelastic cotunneling with energy-dependent contact transmission, Journal of Chemical Physics, 146, 092325.



31 May, 18:00, Sitterzaal 032
Colloquium Ehrenfestii
Julia Yeomans (University of Oxford):

2 June, 12:46
Van der Waals Colloquium
Alan M.Bond: Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of a new class of anti-cancer drug.

2 June, 16:00, De Sitterzaal (Oortbuilding)
Joan van der Waals colloquium

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