Rudolf Tromp Awarded 2017 APS Distinguished Lectureship
Leiden physicist Rudolf Tromp has been awarded the 2017 Distinguished Lectureship on the Applications of Physics by the American Physical Society. As part of his lectureship, Tromp will deliver a lecture series on his career as a physicist in industry. More info

Publ. 23-09-2016 15:52
First Atomic Observation of Synthetic Fuel Production
Synthetic fuel is cleaner than natural oil, but its production process needs to be more efficient. Now for the first time, physicists have directly observed the molecules produced in the chemical process. This paves the way for designing more efficient More info

Publ. 20-09-2016 09:54
Melting of Frozen Electrons Visualized
For the first time, physicists have visualized the ‘melting’ of electrons inside a special class of insulators. It allows electrons to move freely and turns the insulator into a metal and possibly later into a superconductor. Publication on September 19th More info

Publ. 20-09-2016 09:03
Rik Mom Awarded Michel Cantarel Grant
PhD student Rik Mom has been awarded the Michel Cantarel grant by the French Vacuum Society (SFV). At the European Conference on Surface Science he gave a prize-winning talk on the subject of his PhD research, making him More info

Publ. 15-09-2016 10:05
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Casper van der Wel, Afshin Vahid, Anđela Šarić, Timon Idema, Doris Heinrich & Daniela J. Kraft (2016) Lipid membrane-mediated attraction between curvature inducing objects, Scientific Reports , 6, 32825.

S. Voltan, C. Cirillo, H.J. Snijders, K. Lahabi, A. García-Santiago, J.M. Hernández, C. Attanasio, and J. Aarts (2016) Emergence of the stripe-domain phase in patterned permalloy films, Physical Review B, 94, 094406.



28 Sept, 10:00, HL 207
Extra BSM Seminar
Jennifer Mathies (MIT): Having Fun with Unpaired Electrons: Enhancing the Sensitivity of NMR & Radicals Essential for Life

29 Sept, 13:45, Academy building, Rapenburg 73
Thesis Defense
Stefano Voltan - QMO: Inducing Spin Triplet Superconductivity in a Ferromagnet
Promotor: Prof.dr. J. Aarts

29 Sept, 16:00, Gorlaeus laboratories 04.28 LUMY (was Cell Observa
van Leeuwenhoek Lecture on BioScience
Gijs Wuite (VUA, Physics of Living Systems): "Frontiers in single molecule manipulation and imaging of DNA-protein transactions"

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