Symposium: Leiden Networks Day
The LCN2 community is proud to present the Leiden Networks Day: a one-day symposium open to all researchers interested in networks, from Leiden, the Netherlands and beyond. The event will feature a number of excellent international speakers and is free More info

Publ. 24-08-2016 12:58
Paradox in superconductivity at high temperature
Nature publishes an article on a paradoxical discovery in superconductivity. Leiden physicist Jan Zaanen writes a News & Views article about this in the same issue of August 19th.

Superconductivity is a bizarre but useful physical phenomenon. By More info

Publ. 17-08-2016 20:47
Building with flexible blocks
On an apparently normal cube a pattern of hollows and bulges appears when the cube is compressed. Physicists from Leiden University and FOM Institute AMOLF together with colleagues from Tel Aviv University have developed a method to design such three-dimensional More info

Publ. 28-07-2016 09:00
Origin of Neutrino Signal Remains a Mystery
Physicists have studied the astrophysical neutrino signal as reported by the IceCube collaboration from a different angle with their ANTARES detector. The Milky Way centre was an obvious prime suspect to be a source, but this hypothesis is now only More info

Publ. 20-07-2016 14:58
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Recent articles

Melle T.J.J.M. Punter, Armando Hernandez-Garcia, Daniela J. Kraft, Renko de Vries, and Paul van der Schoot (2016) Self-Assembly Dynamics of Linear Virus-Like Particles: Theory and Experiment, J. Phys. Chem. B, 120, 6286-6297.

Scott Waitukaitis and Martin van Hecke (2016) Origami building blocks: Generic and special four-vertices, Physical Review E, 93, 023003.
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6 Sept, 13:45, Academy building, Rapenburg 73
Thesis Defense
Ke Liu - IL: Gauge Theory and Nematic Order. The Rich Landscape of Orientational Phase Transition.
Promotor: Prof.dr. J. Zaanen

14 Sept, 18:00, Sitterzaal 032
Colloquium Ehrenfestii
William Irvine (Chicago): TBA

20 Sept, 15:00, Academy building, Rapenburg 73
Thesis Defense
Brian M. Tarasinski - IL: On Periodically Driven Quantum Systems
Promotor: Prof.dr. C.W.J. Beenakker; co-promotor: Dr. J.K. Asbóth (Hungarian Acad. of Sciences)

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